How does it work?

How can I book my holidays with Migoa?

1 – Register at Migoa and fill your profile through Migoa or Facebook.

2 – Start to look for your perfect holiday home! Type your destination, select the date and the number of people in the search box.

3 – Choose your favourite ad and send a booking request by clicking on the “Book now” button and entering your personal information. We are not charging you for anything, unless the property manager approves your reservation request.

4 – You can also click on the “Ask a question to the host” button to ask directly the property manager any additional questions about the property you are interested in.

5 – After your stay, you will receive an invitation to give your opinion about the property which you have visited. Share your experience with other users, help them find and choose the perfect apartment or house for their vacation.

Who can book on Migoa?

All properties listed on Migoa can be booked online and are managed by professionals. This makes Migoa a secure platform with which you do not have to worry about exchanging dozens of emails about the payment modalities, ensuring that the source is reliable…forget about this. Have you found a house or apartment you like? Enter the dates, check availability and book your dream holiday home in a few clicks.

Why is it necessary to communicate and make transactions within Migoa?

The main reason to keep the communication and transactions within Migoa is to guarantee safety. You can contact the property manager by messaging system of Migoa and ask anything you need to know about the property you want to rent. We guarantee a safe transaction.

Managing your account

How can I register on Migoa?

Registering and creating a profile at Migoa is very easy and free! The easiest way to register is to connect via Facebook. If you do not have or do not want to use Facebook, you can register with your email address and create an account.

I don´t remember my password. What can I do?

It is very easy, just click at “Forgot your password?” at log in page. After few minutes you will receive an e-mail with a new password to enter your account on Migoa.

I have entered via Facebook but I do not remember my password. What can I do?

Since you have connected with your Facebook account, you must contact them to ask a new password.

How and why should I connect my Migoa account with Facebook?

You can connect to Facebook through Control Panel > Profile > Connect Facebook

If you register on Migoa with your Facebook account, your profile will complete automatically, what is much more comfortable! You can change or delete any information on your Migoa account which was purchased by Facebook. We can also guarantee, that we will not post any updates on your Facebook wall or publish any of your data on Migoa Facebook.

How can I delete my account?

We always do our best to make users satisfied with the service we provide, but if you really want to delete your profile on Migoa, when you enter your account go to Desktop > Account > Delete my account. Do not forget that if you have not found what you want, you can always call us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


How and when do I pay for my reservation?

We ask for your billing information when submitting a booking request, however we do not charge you at that time. Only if the property manager will accept your booking, we proceed to make a payment via credit card. If the property manager will not accept or respond to your request, no payment will be processed and we will not charge you for anything.

Methods of payment may vary from one booking to another as it depends on the conditions of each property manager. Although, in general you make an initial payment by credit card when the manager accepts your booking request and a second payment on the the of your arrival, in cash or credit card. For more details, we recommend you to read carefully the booking conditions of the property manager while the booking process, so you can get more defined information.

Why do I have to give my credit card number before the booking is confirmed?

You need to type your bank details in order to make Migoa keep a booked apartment for you! So the property that you have chosen will not be visible on the website to other users and no one else can book it, until the property manager confirms the request. It is the guarantee that the booking is practically done. When the manager will confirm your request, we charge you the amount he decided, so that the flat or house can be at your disposal.

What happens with my bank details if the property manager cancelled my booking request?

The personal data of your credit card is automatically deleted. We do not store any bank information of our users.

Why was I charged 1€?

When you pay by credit card, you are charged 1€ to verify the validity of the card. The remaining amount is charged only if the manager has accepted the reservation. If you cancel the request, the property manager rejects it or the transaction expires, 1 € will be given back automatically to your account with no additional charges.

Will you charge me something if my request will be rejected?

No, only accepted bookings are charged by managers. Though, payment shall be withheld or made with pre-authorization, in the moment you send your booking request, which is returned if the booking is canceled by the property manager.

Searching for accommodation

How to contact with the property manager to get more information about the offer?

If you need more information about a property before sending a booking request, besides reading only the property description, you can use Migoa messaging service. To do this click on the “Ask a question to the host” button on the listing page. For security reasons, once the reservation request is confirmed by the manager, there are only provided specific details of the professional (such as email, phone number and address).

Your booking

How to view and print the confirmation of my booking?

Viewing, printing or mailing any past, present or future bookings is very easy. Go to Control panel > My bookings. Find the reservation you are looking for and click the button to print the confirmation.

How will I get my booking confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the property manager will accept your booking. The reservation will be enabled from the moment you receive the confirmation. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay!

How will I get the keys of rented home and give them back?

Many of property managers like to give you the keys and welcome in person. Others give the access by sending an email with instructions and the key number, leave the keys in a safe or even have automated systems to enter the property.

Guests and managers precise the details including arrival, delivering of the keys and the departure. When the reservation is approved, at the same time the professional receives your contact information and enables to see his. He will contact you to tie the details of your arrival, or if you prefer, you can contact him first as well by e-mail or phone.

What should I take with me on the day of arrival?

You just need to give the property manager a copy of the reservation. Furthermore, depending on the conditions that the property manager has defined in the ad of the home you have booked, you may need to pay the deposit after arrival, by cash or credit card.

What happens if I cannot get in touch with the property manager before the “check-in”?

The Migoa reservation system is made to not have to worry about anything. Once you finish the booking, you will receive contact details of the property manager and he will get yours. He may as well need to get in touch with you few days before your arrival to arrange a time to give you and take the keys back.

In a very unlikely situation that the property manager will not contact you 3 days before your arrival, you can contact him directly with the data you have received by mail, but if you still have some problems do not hesitate to contact us by calling +44 203 318 21 80 or sending a message to cs@migoa.com. We will do our best to dispel your doubts.

Changes and cancellations

How to cancel the reservation?

Call our customer service +44 203 318 21 80 or write to cs@migoa.com

What are the cancellations policies?

Cancellation policy protects both property managers and guests. The amount paid by the host will be given back depending of cancellation policies determined by the property manager. The administrative fee is not refundable. For further information you can go to “Reservation conditions”.

Property manager cancelled my reservation. What should I do?

In the unlikely situation that the manager will cancel your booking, contact us as soon as possible by calling +44 203 318 21 80 or via mail cs@migoa.com. We will help you to find an alternative accommodation.

Comments and reviews

How does the review system work?

Reviews are the opportunity to share your experience with all Migoa community. They provide very useful information, promote transparency, while also helping other travellers to make wise decisions when booking the best apartment which fits their needs.

You can only write a review after you had booked and completed your stay in the property. All the reviews which you read on the site of a property are real opinions of users who stayed there.

Two days after the end of your stay, you will receive an email asking to share your experience with Migoa. Thank you for your collaboration!

Can the property manager delete my review if he does not like it?

No, we show absolutely all comments, good, bad or indifferent. We never delete or modify your comments. The idea of our review system is not to promote the apartments, but to give our customers the information they need to make their best choice. As apartments with the highest scores get bookings more often, our review system gives also a great impulse for property managers to keep them in excellent conditions.


I have noticed a bug on the site, who should I inform about it?

We would be really appreciated if you report us about any bug you find on our website. Please inform us as soon as possible by calling +44 203 318 21 80 or sending an email to cs@migoa.com.

No one answered my question, what should I do now?

If you have more questions or need further information about a specific property, please call us at +44 203 318 21 80 or send an email to  cs@migoa.com

If you are a professional property manager and you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales manager at property@only-apartments.com.